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Welcome Mr. Gibbons - MSK Practitioner

Dated: 13-Mar-18

We would like to welcome Mr Chris Gibbons to the practice. Mr Gibbons is a MSK (Musculoskeletal) Practitioner provided by Circle and will be working at the practice fortnightly from Friday 16th March.

An expansion of MSK services within primary care provides an immediate solution to GP shortages and delivers the transformation of primary care needed for a sustainable health system tailored to modern population needs.

Research and trials have shown that placing a physiotherapist within a GP practice has the potential to improve patient care and reduce GP workloads. Up to 30% of GP appointments are for MSK conditions and therefore potentially could be seen by a physiotherapist.

The aims of the MSK practitioner service are to provide quick access to a specialist MSK Physiotherapist opinion within the local GP setting and also to be an MSK service point of contact for the GPs . 

The MSK practitioners will be able to assess patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions as an alternative to them seeing their GP. They can provide early advice exercises for newer onset conditions or provide an opinion on the best MSK pathway for more complex patients.

Appointments can be made direct by the Receptionist, GP or Nurse.

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