Greendsand Surgery, Ampthill
The Health Centre, Oliver Street, Ampthill, Beds, MK45 2SB
Appointments: 01525 631391
General Enquiries: 01525 631390
Out of Hours: 111
Fax: 01525 631393

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Patient Appointment Survey Results

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 237

1Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book an appointment?
     In person13
     Online 43
2Last time you tried, were you able to see a doctor (not necessarily your chosen doctor) within 48 hours?
     N/A 8
3Last time you tried were you able to get an appointment with a doctor in advance?
     N/A 48
4Last time you tried were you able to see the Doctor of your choice?
     N/A 49
5How far in advance would you like to be able to book an appointment?
     1-3 days121
     1 week57
     2 weeks40
     3 weeks10%
     4 weeks + 5
6Missed appointments are a problem for the practice. Can you easily contact the practice when you wish to cancel an appointment?
     N/A 11
7Did you know you can book an appointment with the GP, Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant one month ahead?
     N/A 00%
8Did you know that you can book and cancel appointments with the GP online?
     N/A 9
9Do you understand the role of the Nurse Practitioner in the practice?
     N/A 00%
10Do you understand the role of the Practice Nurse in the practice?
     N/A 00%
11Do you understand the role of the Health Care Assistant in the practice?
     N/A 4
12When a surgery is running late, are you informed that this is the case by the reception staff?
     N/A 20
13The reception area is going through some changes so it meets the Disability Discrimination Act. We would like your views on what you would like from the new waiting room. Please select all improvements you would like to see.
     New waiting room seating38
     Better information- more notice boards28
     Better information - leaflet stands21
     Children's area76
     Suggestion box39
     Magazine racks62
     No change 97
13 a)Other, please state.
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