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Carers Information

Please inform the reception staff at the surgery if you are a carer for an elderly or disabled person.

Research shows that for every 1000 patients, 120 will be carers.  It has also been estimated that 1 in 5 households in the UK may contain a carer.

To help sign-post the services available, we have been approched by carers in Bedfordshire, a rigistered charity to help family carers and past carers cope with the mental and physical stress arising from caring.  Their website offers help and assitances to carers finding their way around the complexites of acquiring help and financial support. 

Definition of a Carer

Individuals irrespective of age, who provide or supervise a substantial amount of care on a regular basis of a child, relative, partner or neighbour who is unable to manage on their own due to illness, disability, frailty, mental distress or impairment.

The term "carer" would not normally apply if the person is:

  • a paid carer
  • a volunteer from a voluntary agency
  • anyone providing personal assistance for payment
    either in cash or kind

A carer can be a child looking after an older person or parent, or an older person looking after a disabled partner. The definition may be quite wide-ranging.

The Carers Pack

Please download and view the document below including:

  • A-Z of local carers services
  • Young Carers
  • NHS Bedfordshire support for carers
  • Benefits and allowances
  • Carers rights
  • Taking a break from caring
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Helping you as a carer
  • Getting around
  • Planning for an emergency
  • Planning for the future
  • Having your say
  • Top tips by carers for carers

Read the Carers Pack.

Carers Breaks

Has your health or well-being been affected by your caring role?

If so, you may be eligible to apply for a carers grant in order to
access a break from your caring responsibilities.

The grant can be used for anything that you feel will improve your
health or well-being.


Young Carers Breaks

For Children and Young People 4-18 years who are helping to care for a family member.


NHS Skills and Training Grant

If you are providing substantial care without payment you may be eligible for a skills and training grant.